Core Studies 5.1: Syllabus

Lecture Lab Readings
1) Intro - what is CS?
algorithms, programs
1) Intro to use of computers for subject matter to follow
Windows, Web, Email
Reed, Chap. 1
and Appendix B
2) networks, LANs, WANS, TCP/IP 2) URLs, IP addresses, DNS names, tracert Reed, Chap. 3
CoursePak, Section 1
3) machine architecture
bits and bytes, storage devices
3) History of CS
online tour of "virtual museum" material
Reed, Chap. 6,12
4) Information representation;
data types; numeric computation vs. text based processing
4) Searching on the web Reed, Chap. 12
5) Algorithmic thinking 5) HTML I
source file vs. browser display; basic tags
Reed, Chap. 2,8
6) Computer languages
compilation process
(software view)
lists, links, images
Reed, Chap. 2,8
7) Review and Exam
8) stored program concept
(hardware view)
8) JavaScript I
alert and prompt methods
Reed, Chap. 14,4
9) event-driven programming
objects and methods
9) JavaScript II
properties and methods of window and document objects
Reed, Chap. 4
10) unsolvability, halting problem 10) JavaScript III
responding to events
CoursePak, Snyder, Chap. 23
Reed, Chap. 9
11) running time,
nonfeasability, loops
11) JavaScript IV
demos of linear vs quadratric vs exponential running times
CoursePak, Snyder, Chap.23
Reed, Chap. 13
12) copyright/plagiarism
12) security - encryption
digital signatures
CoursePak, Snyder, Chapter 17
13) Review and second exam
14) current and future trends
e.g. wearable computers,
ubiquitous computing
14) exposure to current and future trends in online computing
e.g. Java applets, e-commerce
Reed, Chap. 18